First Regional Follow-up Meeting on the Tallinn Charter: Health Systems for Health and Wealth, Copenhagen, Denmark, 5–6 February 2009 (2009)






Jointly organized by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the Government of the United Kingdom, the Meeting took place on 5–6 February 2009. Its general objective was for the WHO Regional Office for Europe and Member States to share experiences with and ideas on carrying forward the implementation of the Tallinn Charter: Health Systems, Health and Wealth. The participants described obstacles that countries faced to implementing the Tallinn Charter, particularly in relation to the current financial crisis and the actions they had planned or taken to implement the Charter. They discussed the possibility of establishing a common performance-assessment framework, and made suggestions for practical steps in the follow-up process and the Regional Office’s role in this process, including proposing a possible performance-measurement framework, set of indicators and tools for benchmarking, convening follow-up meetings, facilitating the exchange of information, compiling data and reporting back, and collaborating with other international agencies, as well as providing technical support to countries.