Photo: WHO/Erik Peinar

The Division of Health Systems and Public Health supports Member States to strengthen their capacity to govern their health systems. This function involves the capacity to define, lead and implement policy in health financing, health service delivery and resource generation, while both responding to health priorities and reflecting own goals and values.

The strategic framework guiding the work of DSP is presented in the Tallinn Charter: Health Systems for Health and Wealth . In addition to outlining the key functions of health systems, the Tallinn Charter puts forth some commitments adopted by Member States.

Tallinn Charter Commitments

  • Promote shared values of solidarity, equity and participation;
  • Invest in health systems and foster investment across sectors;
  • Promote transparency and be accountable;
  • Make health systems more responsive;
  • Engage stakeholders;
  • Foster cross-country learning and cooperation;
  • Ensure that health systems are prepared and able to respond to crises.

  The Governance Programme support to Member States revolves around four main activities: