Developing and Evaluating National Health Plans and Strategies

DSP works to support Member States in the development implementation and monitoring of National health plans and strategies (NHPS). Work includes:

  • Supporting Member States in approaches to convening stakeholders around the development, implementation and monitoring of NHPS.

    • Promoting the Paris principles (1) including the support of development of sector wide approaches (SWAPs) (examples include the Republic of Moldova, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan)
    • Supporting joint assessment of national strategies (JANS) (examples include Kyrgyzstan, the Republic of Moldova)
    • Supporting Member States in accessing the Health system funding platform (HSFP) and in facilitating National strategy applications (NSA) and promoting well aligned and harmonized approaches to health support of all stakeholders including global health initiatives (GHI) applications (examples include Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Moldova, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan)
    • Supporting development of sector monitoring frameworks based on NHPS and organizing joint annual reviews (JAR) to monitor progress (examples include Tajikistan, the Republic of Moldova, Kazakhstan).
  • Supporting high quality analytical work and policy dialogue to inform the development of NHPS (examples include Portugal, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova, Albania, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Estonia, Turkey)

    • Facilitating analysis of the various technical aspects of national health policies and strategies (NHPS) development and implementation.
    • Supporting and facilitating reform design, prioritization and sequencing.
  • Facilitate cross country learning

    • Development of case studies and information materials on NHPS processes.
    • Facilitate the sharing of tools that can be useful in the various technical parts of strategy development.
    • Conduct training courses and share good practise in the development of NHPS (examples include Ukraine, Armenia, Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova)
(1) The Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005) and the Accra Agenda for Action (2008), Paris, OECD