Health system performance assessment for health governance

Photo: National Institute for Public Health and the Environment

On 16-17 February 2012, representatives from 18 Member States and a number of WHO Regional Office partner organizations met to explore the demand for tools to strengthen health system performance assessment (HSPA), to build a common understanding of HSPA and how it can be used to strengthen governance, as well as to agree on the guiding principles for conducting HSPA.  The meeting provided a platform to share experience and latest developments in performance measurement and discuss a roadmap for collaboration with countries and partners in HSPA in the WHO European Region.

Triggering these discussions was the advance release of three documents shortly to be published by WHO/Europe:

  • Case studies on health system performance assessment. A long standing development in Europe
  • Pathways to health system performance assessment. A practical guide to conducting health system performance assessment at national or sub-national level
  • Policy Summary 4. Health system performance comparison: an agenda for policy, information and research.

Based on their positive experience of the meeting, Member States explicitly welcomed further opportunities to learn from peers and supported the establishment of multi-country HSPA peer learning networks.