Slovenia hosts equity focus health system performance assessment workshop


The workshop on equity focus in health system performance assessment (EfHSPA) took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1-2 December 2011. The workshop provided a platform for cross-country learning. Participants from Belgium, Georgia, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and Turkey shared their views and experiences on EfHSPA.
The objective of the workshop was to strengthen the EfHSPA frameworks, process and data collection and analysis and outputs by:

  • articulating the lessons learnt from countries that have already included consideration of the social determinants and gender in their health system performance assessment (HSPA) and how these determinants impact on the distribution of health outcomes;
  • exploring possible areas for future development including the type of support that may be needed by Member States, such as specific guidance, resources, etc.;
  • drafting an agenda for future collaboration between participating countries and the WHO Regional Office for Europe.

The results of the workshop will be jointly presented by the participating countries in a dedicated session at the regional HSPA conference to be held in the Netherlands in February 2012.

EfHSPA is part of the Biennial Collaborative Agreement 2012-2013 for Slovenia and details were discussed at the adjacent national meeting.