Policy-makers meet in Croatia to review hospital sector governance

WHO/Katja Fiedler

A subregional policy dialogue entitled "Rethinking hospitals: changing governance and roles" was hosted by the Croatian Ministry of Health on 2–3 July 2012 in Zagreb.

Health system governance entails a constant search for best solutions in addressing issues such as organization, resource management, provision of high-quality and effective care and improving accountability. Governance of the hospital sector as a whole as well as of individual hospitals is considered a crucial factor in improving hospital performance and the health care delivery system. 

At the event, policy-makers from Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia met with experts from WHO, the European Centre for Health Assets and Architecture (Netherlands), Kings Fund (United Kingdom) and the World Bank to discuss trends in hospital sector development and hospital sector performance in central and eastern European countries. Topics on the agenda included:

  • tackling implications of the financial crisis and financial sustainability;
  • structural reforms;
  • the need to remodel and adapt hospital sector reform in order to improve health care delivery processes, in view of rationalization and restructuring processes; 
  • challenges in implementation of various forms of reimbursement schemes.

A session on changing the governance of hospitals and the public-private mix facilitated discussion on ownership issues and the exchange of experiences concerning different forms of public-private partnerships. 

WHO/Europe's Division of Health Systems and Public Health including its European Office for Health Systems Strengthening in Barcelona organized and facilitated the policy dialogue in collaboration with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.