Policy dialogue in Turkey supports development of new strategic health plan

The Ministry of Health of Turkey, in cooperation with the WHO/Europe, has embarked upon the development of its new strategic plan for the years 2013–2017. The strategic plan will be compatible with Turkey's "Health 2023" vision and in line with the European Health 2020 policy framework.

In accordance with good practices, the Ministry of Health is committed to preparing this document through an inclusive and participative process. It will be informed by available evidence (including reports on performance of the health system) and will be aligned with key international policy documents (including Health 2020).

Within this framework, two participative dialogue meetings were conducted on 2–3 July with relevant internal and external stakeholders, agencies and directorates to provide input and feedback in development of the new strategic plan. During the policy dialogue, participants addressed lessons learnt from the strategic plan 2010-2014, identified key health system challenges and priorities in Turkey and informed a pre-circulated draft that included the vision, mission, values, and goals.

The rich input provided at the two meetings was used to amend the draft strategic plan. The dialogue meetings were followed by a three-day (capacity-building) workshop on strategic planning to which all relevant directorates and affiliated agencies were invited.

It is expected that the finalized strategic plan of Turkey will provide an example for other Member States of WHO/Europe on how Health 2020 can be incorporated into a national strategic plan.