WHO supports Malta in development of national health system strategy


Malta embarks on assessing its health system performance linking to a national health system strategy 2013-2020

To meet the many challenges facing the health system in Malta, including an ageing population, the growing burden of noncommunicable and chronic diseases and environmental changes, the Ministry of Health has initiated development of a national health system strategy for 2013-2020 (NHSS). The strategy will be based on a life-course approach and build on existing thematic policies and plans developed in recent years.

In this context, a WHO mission visited Malta from 5 to 7 September 2012 to consult with senior Ministry of Health officials and public healthcare managers. The objective was to support the Department of Health in bringing together existing disease-specific plans under an overarching strategy that recognizes that people are at the core of health interventions.

Actions taken in the context of the future health system strategy will regularly and consistently be assessed through the introduction of a health system performance assessment as an integral part of the NHSS.