Division of Health Systems and Public Health hosts workshop at the 15th European Health Forum in Gastein

EHFG 2012

From the left: from WHO Dr Alejandra Gonzalez Rossetti, Dr Juan Tello and Dr Hans Kluge, and from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Ludovica Banfi

The Division of Health Systems and Public Health (DSP), in collaboration with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), hosted a workshop on health systems governance on 4 October in Bad Gastein, Austria. The event was attended by a broad range of academia, nongovernmental organizations, civil servants and patients associations.  

Discussed in this context were the institutional and organizational mechanisms used by stewards to create the playing field for health actors to reorganize and innovate, make better use of evidence and resources and foster collaboration and commitment in service provision.

Country case studies were then presented to illustrate the innovative initiatives and best practices implemented by selected Member States in the area of patient safety, examining what prerequisites are necessary to ensure that safety practices are routinely built into health service provision.

As the underlying organizational mechanisms of health provision may not be immediately apparent to patient populations, it is important to include a patient perspective in governance analysis. In this context, the FRA’s contribution focused on the barriers to the complaint system from the point of view of patients belonging to migrant and ethnic communities interviewed in 5 EU Member States.