Expert workshop on health systems performance assessment


The Division of Health Systems and Public Health, hand in hand with the Division of Information, Evidence and Research and Innovation and the Division of Policy and Governance for Health and Well-being, convened an expert workshop on health system performance assessment (HSPA) on 12–13 April 2016.

The workshop aimed to discuss WHO/Europe's role in HSPA on the basis of its value-based work on people-centred health system strengthening, and in light of recent developments in international and national HSPAs. About 20 experts and WHO participants attended the workshop that took place in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The objectives of the workshop were:

  • to share information on recent developments in international and national HSPAs;
  • to discuss what HSPA has achieved at European and national levels, and its limitations;
  • to brainstorm on what international HSPAs would ideally seek to achieve; and consequently
  • to generate suggestions and recommendations for WHO/Europe in strengthening its work on HSPA.

Participants reached a clear consensus that much progress has been achieved in international and national HSPAs in recent years. Experts also championed the strengthening of WHO/Europe's role in HSPA, in line with commitments set out in the 2008 Tallinn Charter: Health Systems for Health and Wealth, Health 2020 – the policy framework for the WHO European Region – and the "Priorities for health system strengthening in the WHO European Region 2015–2020".

Several recommendations towards strengthening WHO/Europe's role as it relates to HSPA were made.

  • Enhance WHO/Europe's value-based normative guidance on performance assessments to increase accountability for health system performance.
  • Identify less-developed performance domains.
  • Support information infrastructures in countries.