Leading health system transformation to the next level (2017)




This expert meeting on implementation of health system transformation took place in Durham, United Kingdom, 12–13 July 2017. It focused on progress that had been made in implementing large-scale health system transformation in Europe since the first expert meeting held in Madrid in December 2015 as well as on exploring appropriate mechanisms to support the development of macro level reforms.

The meeting had the following specific aims:

  • To identify lessons learned in the implementation of health system reforms at a macro level that could strengthen the existing evidence base;
  • To provide insights from health system policy-makers on how to initiate reforms and/or how to accelerate or improve their implementation, and on any barriers or inhibitors encountered and how they may be overcome;
  • To consider and review a draft instrument offering a structured approach to assessing readiness for change and implementation; and
  • To consult on steps that the WHO Regional Office for Europe could take to develop a policy-level implementation agenda and potential mechanisms for collaboration.