Better noncommunicable disease outcomes: challenges and opportunities for health systems. Croatia country assessment (2016)



Focus on cardiovascular diseases and diabetes

In Croatia, noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) account for 93% of all deaths. They affect mainly the population of working age, with an 18% probability of premature mortality from four leading NCDs. This has significant socioeconomic consequences on the development of the country, indicating that immediate action must be taken to strengthen the capacity of the health system to respond. Much progress has been made, with political commitment to health reform; however, NCDs were targeted only recently. The assessment reported here, conducted by the WHO Regional Offi ce for Europe in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, will form the basis for integrated approaches to addressing the burden of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes in Croatia. The authors analysed the current capacity of the health system to prevent and control these NCDs and identified major health system challenges; the document also reports good practice in using information technology for integrating patient information. On the basis of the assessment, recommendations are made for further policies and action.