Challenges and opportunities in improving access to medicines through efficient public procurement in the WHO European Region (2016)




2016, viii + 94 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5215 3
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As the number of new medicines introduced in Europe rises, governments are finding it increasingly difficult to afford them. The introduction of new medicines and other medical technologies, rising expectations from patients and demographic changes are threatening the fiscal sustainability of health care systems. Countries across Europe face similar problems, but the challenge is even greater in those experiencing financial pressures. Ensuring affordable prices and supply security is important; therefore, procurement strategies must consider both.

This report reviews how different public procurement practices can influence prices and ensure supply security for pharmaceuticals. Further, it discusses the use of increased collaboration as a means to improve procurement outcomes. In particular, it seeks to provide insights into the following question: how can public strategic procurement and increased collaboration, within and across countries, contribute to improving access to high-cost medicines in Europe?