Health workforce

The health workforce is central to managing and delivering health services in all countries. The ability of health systems to perform well and respond appropriately to the new challenges they face is strongly influenced by the availability of health workers with relevant skills, in sufficient numbers, located where they are needed, and working in an environment that motivates and engages them.

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International Women’s Day: unlocking the full potential of women at work in the European Region

Each year on 8 March the global community recognizes International Women’s Day as a time to reflect on and celebrate progress made towards women’s rights, as well as to build momentum and support for further action. This year, the United Nations theme for the day is “Women in the changing world of work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”, referring to achieving true gender equity by the year 2030.

Data and statistics

Global shortages in health workforce numbers can mount up to 9.9 million medical doctors, nurses and midwives by 2030.

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