Biorisk management

WHO/Eugene Gavrilin

WHO/Europe supports biosafety and biosecurity in the Region by providing training. WHO has developed several tools and training courses in biosafety and biosecurity:

  • WHO laboratory biosafety manual
  • training of trainers course in biorisk management (BRM)
  • Infectious Substances Shipment Training (ISST)
  • Film demonstrating safe practices in different laboratory settings.

WHO/Europe organized BRM training in Tajikistan (2013) and Turkmenistan (2014). In Tajikistan, the BRM training supported a European Union and International Science and Technology Center (ISTC) initiative in central Asia to develop a training curriculum in biosafety for national and regional laboratories in Tajikistan.

ISST training and certification

This training is offered regularly to laboratory experts from the WHO European Region, who are then certified to ship category A infectious substances (including Ebola virus disease, other viruses causing haemorrhagic fevers and influenza due to a new subtype, such as A(H5N1)) and dangerous goods. Take the new WHO online refresher course to extend certification

WHO/Europe attends meetings organized by partners and biosafety associations.