WHO Europe mental health nursing curriculum



This mental health nursing curriculum was prepared for WHO/Europe as one of several post-qualifying curricula requested by some Member States to assist them in their progress towards implementation of the WHO European Region Continuing Education Strategy for Nurses and Midwives. The curriculum in its original form underwent an extensive consultation process. This version presents all of the specialist modules included in the original document, but has additional core modules.

The document commences with an outline of the course in terms of:

  • aims
  • structure, length and mode of delivery
  • entry requirements
  • competencies or learning outcomes
  • curriculum content
  • teaching/learning and assessment strategies
  • supervision of practice
  • optimum student intake and teacher/student ratio
  • accreditation with ECTS points
  • quality control and evaluation.


It also includes a section on teachers and mentors, location of the course, qualification of the successful completion of the course, as well as an overview of the nine modules which the training consists of.