Availability of national health services delivery data across the WHO European Region: scanning survey results (2018)




This publication describes the results of a data availability scanning survey on the sources and availability of data on health services delivery. The survey was initiated with integrated health services delivery focal points at the annual meeting of this network in June 2017. This work was conducted in the context of developing a monitoring tool for the WHO European Framework for Action on Integrated Health Services Delivery, endorsed by Member States in the European Region in 2016. The survey found that information is available on the health workforce and financing across the Region. Information on equipment and infrastructure at the health facility level is less readily available and, for regional monitoring purposes, likely needs to be supplemented by survey data. Information on the performance of health services delivery can be gathered from existing information systems, except for long-term care. Data on patient experience are collected in a few countries on an ad hoc basis and are not linked to other databases. Key informants to supplement information on the performance and capacity of health services delivery can be identified from existing associations of patients and health professionals, since these are available across countries.