World Health Day 2011 in the Czech Republic

World Health Day was celebrated in the Czech Republic with a launch of the campaign “Clean care is safer care. Several activities will continue throughout the remainder of the year:
  • An official launch of the campaign on 21 June with a press conference and an opening ceremony and exhibition entitled “Antibiotics – their means and threats emerging from the loss of efficiency; the paradoxes of the modern medicine”. Important stakeholders, including the Minister of Health and Head of the Representation of the European Commission in the Czech Republic will attend, along with other partners such as the Czech Medical Company of Jan Evangelista Purkyne and its subcommittee for antibiotic policy, Company of Early Infections and the General Faculty Hospital in Prague.
  • An exhibition at the National Museum of the Czech Republic in Prague from June to December 2011. The exhibition will be organized by the WHO Country Office in the Czech Republic in cooperation with the National Museum of the Czech Republic and the National Medical Library – Health Museum. The Minister of Health has been invited.
  • Various workshops and seminars for high school and university students from June through November 2011
  • A national meeting of experts and international conference on 14 September 2011