Poland hosts multicounty workshop on patient safety

National Centre for Quality Assessment in Healthcare

Escalating demands being placed on modern health services have led to a renewed emphasis on performance and patient-centred approaches. Patient safety and patient participation constitute a priority area for strengthening health care systems as well as a prerequisite for sustainability, both core principles of the European health strategy Health 2020.

A shortage of practical evidence fuels the current challenge of improving safety management at system level. To address this gap, reporting systems have been developed to help health professionals prevent and learn from errors in health care. Regional networks and global initiatives (such as the Global Community for Reporting and Learning) have also been established to facilitate the sharing of experiences.

In line with this objective, participants from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovenia and Slovakia shared experiences in patient safety reporting, learning processes and networks at a multicounty workshop held  on 23–24 September 2013 in Krakow, Poland.


The workshop, organized in close collaboration with the WHO global patient safety team, aimed: 

  • to increase awareness and improve knowledge with respect to the latest patient safety concepts and generic interventions;
  • to present core principles of quality improvement and safety management in health care, including the role of effective communication and monitoring mechanisms;
  • to provide a platform for shared experience and information exchange, including success stories and challenges in the field of patient safety;
  • to enhance coordination mechanisms with existing networks and further foster collaborative exercises with European stakeholders.