First patients for patient safety workshop in Poland


Building on the success of previous patients for patient safety (PFPS) workshops held around the world, the first PFPS workshop took place in Warsaw, Poland on 3–4 December 2015. The Polish Ministry of Health and the WHO Country Office, Poland organized the workshop, partnering with the national Patients' Rights Ombudsman.

This workshop focused on specific patient safety challenges that patients, health care professionals and policy-makers face in the country. It was conducted in line with the biennial collaborative agreement between WHO/Europe and the Polish Ministry of Health for 2014–2016. The Patients' Rights Ombudsman and representatives of the Ministry of Health; the WHO Collaborating Centre for Development of Quality and Safety in Health Systems in Krakow, Poland; and key nongovernmental organizations; and managers of hospitals attended the workshop.

Opening the workshop, Paulina Miskiewicz, Head of WHO Country Office, says, "Patient safety is a global health issue and requires join actions from all stakeholders." She adds, "Patients are key for this process." During the meeting, participants discussed the main actions that can contribute to improving patient safety like raising awareness about the topic, and the importance of patient and community involvement in health-care services and improvement initiatives. The workshop was interactive; all participants contributed and shared their thoughts, ideas and experiences.