Introduction and national adaptation of the WHO Primary Care Evaluation Tool (PCET) in Tajikistan

The WHO Primary Care Evaluation Tool (PCET) aims to provide strategic information on primary care organization based on a methodology that characterizes a good primary care system as comprehensive, accessible, coordinated and integrated, and that ensures continuity. The methodology also recognizes that all health system functions outlined in the WHO Framework are taken equally into consideration to improve the overall health system: the financing, the service delivery, the human resources and other resources such as appropriate facilities, equipment and drugs, and finally, that all necessary legal frameworks and regulations are in place and the system is steered by the right “leader”. It thus offers a structured overview of the strengths and weaknesses of a country’s organization of primary care services, including the voice of the professionals and patients concerned, to interested policy-makers and stakeholders.

In 2010-2011, the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan, supported by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research (NIVEL), plans to conduct a survey using the PCET. To adapt the tool to the Tajikistan context, and to build capacity of the national team in using the tool, a workshop is planned to take place in Dushanbe, on 03 November 2010. The workshop will be facilitated by experts from WHO Europe and NIVEL. During the mission, experts will conduct a number of field visits of local primary care facilities and semi-structured interviews with stakeholders. The preliminary findings will help to better tailor the process and content of PCET to the context of Tajikistan.

The expected outputs of the mission are:

  • Ministry of Health of Tajikistan confirmed commitment to the implementation of the PCET;
  • PCET adapted to local circumstances;
  • agreement on the spectrum of primary care facilities to be included in the survey;
  • main stakeholders familiar with the tool and process of its implementation;
  • next steps in the process of the PCET implementation discussed and agreed upon;
  • draft terms and conditions for project national counterpart discussed with the WHO Country Office of Tajikistan, and agreed with the national counterpart.