Evaluation of the structure and provision of primary care in Tajikistan (2014)



The WHO Primary Care Evaluation Tool (PCET) aims to provide a structured approach to evaluation of service delivery, providing policy-makers and health care managers with evidence for improving reforms. It focuses on health systems functions, such as governance, financing and resource-generation,and the characteristics of a good primary care service delivery system, which include accessibility,comprehensiveness, coordination and continuity. The methodology assesses whether primary health care service delivery is supported by an adequate legal and normative framework, financing mechanisms, human resource strategies, supply of appropriate facilities, equipment and drugs, and effective leadership. This report provides an overview of findings from the use of PCET in Tajikistan, offering a structured overview of the strengths and weaknesses of the country’s organization and provision of primary health care services – including the voices of the professionals and patients concerned – to interested policy-makers and stakeholders.