Public health reforms in the Republic of Moldova

A WHO/Europe delegation visited the Republic of Moldova from 18-21 April to discuss public health service reform. The delegation, represented by Maria Ruseva, Regional Adviser, Public Health Services and Snezhana Chichevalieva, legal expert in public health, discussed the publication of the national report of the evaluation process of public health services, a review of public health legislation, and training for public health specialists.

As part of the mission, two workshops were organized and the delegation met relevant stakeholders and public health experts at the Ministry of Health, the National Center of Public Health and the School of Public Health Management. The first workshop aimed to assess the conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation report on the public health capacities and services in the Republic of Moldova and to brainstorm the main strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of the current situation. The content, process and timetable for future public health services reform, as well as the publication of the national evaluation report were also discussed. The second workshop focused on public health legislation and regulation.

On 20 April, a debriefing took place at the Ministry of Health, in which the existing vision for the future of the public health system; feasible reform targets; a review of public health legislation; and prospective capacity building for public health professionals and staff were discussed.

The mission and the activities that follow are undertaken as part of the EU-funded technical assistance programme under WHO coordination. The objectives of the programme include strengthening the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Health to deliver population based and results oriented services, and the control of noncommunicable diseases.