WHO/Europe holds expert meeting to review the Essential Public Health Operations

Building on a wide consultation process, the WHO Regional Office for Europe has convened an expert meeting to develop a revised version of the Essential Public Health Operations (EPHOs) based on the compendium of inputs/comments from Member States and other international partners, in Copenhagen, Denmark, 29-30 March 2012.

The renewed commitment to strengthening public health capacity, operations and services calls for a comprehensive European action plan for public health, with the aim of integrating the EPHOs into national health systems and strengthening human resource capacities in public health.

The WHO Regional Committee for Europe (RC) has endorsed the 8 avenues identified in EUR/RC61/R2, as a basis for the Regional Office’s proposal to formulate a European action plan. RC61 requested that prior to consideration of the final action plan by RC62, there should be a further process of examining and developing the EPHOs, to ensure full consistency with Health 2020, particularly in relation to that draft policy’s “whole of government” approach to health system development.

The results of the meeting will be used to develop a revised version of the EPHOs by the time of the Health Policy Forum, 19-20 April. The revised EPHOs will be further consulted through correspondence and phone conferences with the WHO Europe EAP/ PHS Advisory Group and the feedback will be taken into account in the last version to be presented to the Standing Committee of the Regional Committee SCRC in May 2012.