Public health task forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina assess essential public health operations

A workshop to discuss the initial findings of a self-assessment on essential public health operations took place on 27–28 May 2015 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In early 2014, the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republika Srpska and the Brcko District agreed to jointly establishing public health task forces in their respective constituencies, mandated with developing and producing public health planning documents including policies, strategies, action plans and programmes. The task forces have now undertaken a situation analysis, using the WHO/Europe self-assessment tool for the evaluation of essential public health operations in the WHO European Region.

In this context, Dr Martin Krayer von Krauss and Dr Elke Jakubowski of the public health services programme of WHO/Europe, co-facilitated a workshop on that provided the opportunity for an in-depth discussion of the initial findings of the situational analysis and the process for arriving at these findings. The aim of this workshop was to review the process undertaken by the task forces in order to complete the self-assessment, in view of building on strengths and guiding future work as the process continues.