Self-assessment tool for the evaluation of essential public health operations in the WHO European Region (2015)




2015, vi + 104 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 5099 9
This publication is available online only

Through a process of extensive and iterative consultation, the WHO Regional Office for Europe devised 10 essential public health operations (EPHOs) that define the field of modern public health for the Member States in the WHO European Region. Formally endorsed by all of the Region's Member States, the EPHOs form a comprehensive package that all countries should aim to provide to their populations.

This publication presents a public health self-assessment tool that provides a series of criteria that national public health officials can use to evaluate the delivery of the EPHOs in their particular settings. Wherever possible, these criteria were developed on the basis of existing WHO guidance. The tool can be used to foster dialogue on the strengths, weaknesses and gaps in EPHOs; generate policy options or recommendations for public health reforms; contribute to the development of public health policies, or be used for educational or training purposes.