Life-course approach

The life-course approach aims at increasing the effectiveness of interventions throughout a person’s life. It focuses on a healthy start to life and targets the needs of people at critical periods throughout their lifetime . It promotes timely investments with a high rate of return for public health and the economy by addressing the causes, not the consequences, of ill health.

About life-course approach

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Improving the health of mothers and newborns in Slovakia

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve the health of women and newborns and end all preventable deaths, to ensure care for health and well-being, and to expand an enabling environment, the Ministry of Health of Slovakia is preparing to renew the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative certificates.


Video – Youth talk about health

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Data and statistics

Over 160 000 children in the European Region die before the age of five every year, 50% of them in the first month of life

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In 2014 a roadmap was developed to improve maternal and child health in Armenia. WHO/Europe provides technical support to the Ministry of health specifically, aimed at improving MCH as it remains a key priority for the Armenian Government.