Life-course approach

The life-course approach aims at increasing the effectiveness of interventions throughout a person’s life. It focuses on a healthy start to life and targets the needs of people at critical periods throughout their lifetime . It promotes timely investments with a high rate of return for public health and the economy by addressing the causes, not the consequences, of ill health.

About life-course approach

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Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society celebrates World Breastfeeding Week

Breastfeeding contains essential nutrients and is important for the healthy development of a child. To encourage this healthy practice, on 1–7 August 2016, 170 countries celebrated World Breastfeeding Week.


Video – Youth talk about health

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Data and statistics

Over 160 000 children in the European Region die before the age of five every year, 50% of them in the first month of life

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In 2014 a roadmap was developed to improve maternal and child health in Armenia. WHO/Europe provides technical support to the Ministry of health specifically, aimed at improving MCH as it remains a key priority for the Armenian Government.