Child and adolescent health

Most children and adolescents in the WHO European Region enjoy a high standard of health and well-being. However, disparities in child health between and within countries persist. The Region includes countries with the lowest infant and child mortality rates in the world, but mortality in countries with the highest rate for children under 5 years is up to 20 times higher than that in countries with the lowest rate. Every year, too many children in the Region die before the age of 5 – 52% of them in the first month of life.

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International Youth Day: Safe spaces for healthy adolescents

On 12 August, the world marks International Youth Day, with “safe spaces for youth” as the theme. Young people in the WHO European Region are healthier than ever before; however, many challenges still remain. Ensuring safe spaces during this important period of change is a critical step towards creating positive experiences for youth that encourage healthy lifestyles.

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Data and statistics

Too many children in the European Region die before the age of five every year, 52% of them in the first month of life.

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