Armenia develops health roadmap to reduce child and maternal mortality

In the last decade, there has been a definite decline in the child and maternal mortality rate in Armenia. As there is still room for improvement, maternal and child health (MCH) remains one of the key priority areas for the Armenian Government.

Several state programmes have been initiated to improve MCH care in Armenia, such as the implementation of the state maternal and child health cards for free access to care and increasing state finance for targeted programmes. The aspiration is that fully or partly funded programmes will increase accessibility to quality hospital health care services and reduce inequality. However, while focussing on MCH, adolescent health also requires special attention.

WHO/Europe continually supports the Ministry of Health in Armenia in improving the quality of health care from a life-course approach; from reproduction, maternity, infancy, and childhood to adolescence by implementing research that works.

How will the roadmap work?

The roadmap for 2014–2015 is based on previous experience in the area of maternal and child health and WHO/Europe will provide technical support to the Ministry of Health specifically aimed at:

  • monitoring implementation of National Child and Adolescent Health (CAH) and Development Strategy 2010-2015 and make an update, for the post-2015 period based on the principles of  the new CAH European Strategy;
  • improving quality of child and adolescent health services;
  • monitoring National Child Hospital Care Improvement Strategy implementation and Integrated Management of Childhood Illness-related issues;
  • assessment of child rights in hospitals using WHO tools;
  • improving current and introducing new package for School Health Services (SHS);and
  • gathering information for the latest Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) survey.