The European health report 2005. Public health action for healthier children and populations






2005, x + 130 pages
ISBN 92 890 1376 1
CHF 40.00
In developing countries: CHF 28.00
Order no. 1340054

Governments and policy-makers in the WHO European Region know that good health is a fundamental resource for social and economic development. While rightly proud of the overall improvement in health in the Region, they still face a widening gap between western and eastern countries and between socioeconomic groups in countries. Reducing these inequalities is increasingly vital. The European health report 2005  – along with a separate summary  – shows that it is also feasible. The report summarizes the major public health issues facing the Region, particularly its children, and describes effective policy responses. This helps to supply the reliable, evidence-based information needed for sound decision-making on public health.