Growing through adolescence : a training pack based on a Health Promoting School approach to healthy eating




This training resource has been produced as part of NHS Health Scotland’s collaborating Centre agreement with The World Health Organization’s European Offices in Copenhagen and Venice. Growing Through Adolescence provides support for The European Network of Health Promoting Schools initiative of The World Health Organization, The European Commission and The Council of Europe.

Across Europe there are a wide range of different historical and cultural factors that influence our attitudes to food and eating. However there is also evidence of social forces acting in a similar way in many European countries. Concerns are increasing about the eating patterns and activity levels of many young people in Europe, and the associated growth in overweight and obese children. In parallel there is evidence that increasing numbers of young people are unhappy with their body size and shape and are more frequently becoming involved in dieting and unhealthy eating patterns. The resource explores the biological, social and emotional issues around health using a participative training approach and it aims to enable teachers to be confident with these issues in the classroom and in the health promoting school.