Child and adolescent health and development. Measuring quality and coverage of services for adolescents (Ukraine, May 2008)



Addressing the needs of adolescents is a challenge that goes well beyond the role of health services alone and requires a legal framework, social policy, safety of communities, and opportunities for education and recreation that are key to adolescent development. Health services can play an important role in helping adolescents stay healthy and complete their journey to adulthood by supporting
young people to achieve good health, treating those who are ill, injured or troubled, and reaching out to those most at risk. If adolescents do not find services relevant and attractive, they are likely to rely on resources outside the formal health service provision system, such as home remedies, traditional methods of contraception, clandestine abortion, or getting medicines from shops or traditional health practitioners. To address these issues, a number of specialized adolescent-friendly approaches have been developed, and are being implemented, with the view of providing adolescents with high quality, medically sound and safe services. A regional workshop on Quality and coverage measurement for youth friendly health services was held in Ukraine, in May 2008, with the goal of building Member States’ capacity in quality measurement and coverage of youth friendly health services, as well as in planning for youth friendly quality assessments.