Young and physically active: a blueprint for making physical activity appealing to youth






By Paul Kelly, Anne Matthews and Charlie Foster
2012, iv + 44 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 0285 1
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Scientific evidence shows that physical inactivity is a leading risk factor for ill health, going well beyond issues related to weight control and influencing both physical and mental well-being. Over the past few years, the promotion of physical activity has increasingly been recognized in Europe as a priority for public health, and many countries have responded by developing policies and interventions. To support Member States’ efforts, the WHO Regional Office for Europe has developed a blueprint for making physical activity appealing to young people. It is intended to be a resource for physical-activity promoters, with a focus on supportive urban environments and settings where children and young people live, study and play. This report outlines the blueprint, its development and suggested next steps.

This publication arises from the Networking for Physical Activity project, which has been co-funded by the European Union in the framework of the Health Programme 2008–2013.