Poverty and social exclusion in the WHO European Region: health systems respond (2010)



2010, viii + 331 pages
ISBN 978 92 890 4203 1

In 22 case studies from across the WHO European Region, and 3 background papers on Roma, migrants and children, this publication focuses on how health systems can meet the needs of populations that are experiencing poverty and social exclusion, and thus at greater risk of being deprived of their right to health.

The studies show some of the social conditions make people particularly vulnerable, and the ways in which interventions work to improve the accessibility, availability, acceptability and quality of health services, and the health system works through four functions (stewardship, service delivery, financing and resource generation) to address socially determined health inequities.

The value of the case studies is to show what is going on in countries, to enable countries to learn from each other and thus to improve the health of populations experiencing poverty and social exclusion, as called for by WHO Regional Committee resolution EUR/RC52/R7 on poverty and health.

Disclaimer This report is a compilation of case studies and background papers from partners in the process of following up on resolution EUR/RC52/R7. Country governments nominated the lead authors of the case studies. The report does not necessarily represent the views of the process co-organizers, the report editors or country governments, or the decisions or stated policy of the World Health Organization. In no event shall the World Health Organization be liable for damages arising from its use.