Workshop on improvement of supervisory system in Tajikistan for better maternal and child health programme

WHO/Aigul Kuttumuratova

A workshop on improvement of a supervisory system in Tajikistan for better maternal and child health programme took place in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 12-17 September 2011.

The development of an integrated supportive supervision system for maternal and child health (MCH) care in primary health care (PHC) services is one of the key requirements for successful and sustainable implementation of national policies, strategies and programmes in the area of mother and child health. The overall objective of this activity is to contribute to the ongoing process of improvement of health services available to the children and their mothers through making the recommendations for strengthening of quality assurance component of MCH services and specifically through the introduction of supportive supervision approaches in Tajikistan.

Prior to the workshop, an assessment of the existing situation in supervision/monitoring and the current needs of the health system in Tajikistan as well as recommendations, had been done by a WHO expert in collaboration with the local specialists.

Based on the results of the field visits, discussions with the representatives of the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan and the results of the group work during the National Meeting on Improvement of Routing Supervision of Maternal and Child Health Services, the following can be recommended:

1. To achieve Millenium Development Goals the key objective for Tajikistan will be to focus on the improvement of care for mothers and children.

2. It is essential to ensure availability of the appropriate standards of quality care for mothers and children.

3. The Ministry of Health of Tajikistan, jointly with partners and donors, should ensure appropriate training of the health staff working at the PHC level and are responsible for provision of care to mothers and children according to the modern evidence based clinical standards and protocols.

4. To develop a national policy on routine supportive supervision in Tajikistan.

5. To develop appropriate tools and guides to carry out effective supervisory encounter/visits.

6. To reach a consensus on the lists of the key quality indicators and the indicators used for routine integrated monitoring of the maternal and child health programmes at oblast and rayon levels.

The report of the workshop will follow.