New WHO/EC project focuses on Age-friendly Environments in Europe

WHO/Europe and the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion have started a joint project for Age-friendly Environments in Europe (AFEE).

The AFEE project will revisit the scientific evidence and practical experiences of creating age-friendly environments on local and regional level. The project will develop over the course of two years a new and updated WHO guide on Age-Friendly Environments, adapted to the European context.

Goals and Objectives of the AFEE project

  • Increase capacity for age-friendly environments in Europe by providing tools for local policy makers to help identify priority areas of action, design local action plans and plan evaluation and monitoring of age-friendly policies
  • Identify and disseminate good practices and connect relevant on-going initiatives, projects and developments for age-friendly cities, in particular to work closely together with partners and initiatives under the EIP on AHA, by updating and expanding the global age friendly city guide for Europe, using a systematic but participative approach to tap into and summarize experiences and evidence produced in cities and by the research community
  • Strengthen and increase the networks of cities, communities and regions in the field of healthy ageing and create guidance that helps integrate and implement intersectoral action and policies for healthy ageing