New publication to support training of sexuality educators released

The German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), a WHO collaborating centre for sexual and reproductive health, has released a new publication dedicated to the competencies and training of sexuality educators.

The publication, “Training matters: A framework for core competencies of sexuality educators”, establishes a framework primarily for those who train sexuality educators and experts who develop curricula for such training.

The framework supports and facilitates the processes necessary to implement training programmes for sexuality educators and/or to improve the quality of existing programmes. It can be used as a foundation document to guide countries in the development of their own training manuals and methods, and/or to advocate for the development and implementation of sexuality education training programmes.

Training of sexuality educators: a key factor influencing the quality of sexuality education programmes

The framework provides the foundation to develop and refine the competencies (attitudes, skills and knowledge) educators need to conduct comprehensive sexuality education based upon the needs of children and young people.

The publication also provides valuable background information to support advocacy of the importance of training for sexuality educators.

The framework was developed cooperatively by BZgA, the European Expert Group on Sexuality Education and WHO/Europe.

About WHO collaborating centres

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