Is reproductive health still a topical health issue in the European Union?

Thomas Rabe

The final full team meeting of the project financially supported by European Commission “The State of Reproductive Health and Fertility in the European Union” was organized 6 May 2011. Leading reproductive health experts from 27 European Union (EU) countries discussed the draft report on reproductive health focusing on existing childbearing policies, teenage sexual and reproductive health, contraception, abortion and medically assisted reproduction.

Final recommendations were based on an analysis of the current situation. Experts’ views were drafted and will be included in the final report to ensure further improvement of sexual and reproductive health and decrease existing inequalities. A lot has been achieved in improving sexual and reproductive health in EU countries, but more can be done. One of the main conclusions is the importance for all countries including the EU to participate in the regular reproductive health surveys which collect missing comparable, reliable data on one of the Millennium Development Goal 5 indicator: contraceptive prevalence and ensure that the target “universal access to reproductive health”.
As a collaborative partner in this project, WHO/Europe will use all opportunities to ensure that recommendations are discussed with national policy makers and ways to further improve reproductive health.