Congress of the European Society of Gynecology – from contraception and maternal health to cardiology and cancer


Many of the Congress participants visited the WHO stand and the publications from WHO/Europe and WHO Headquarters were much in demand and much appreciated

On 8–11 September, the Tivoli Congress Centre in Copenhagen set the stage for the 9th Congress of the European Society of Gynaecology (ESG). More than 2300 gynaecologists from over 65 countries attended. Topics ranged from contraception, maternal health, pregnancy and contraception for women with cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes to less familiar issues such as obesity, gender issues and violence prevention.

The WHO symposium confirmed the diversity of work carried out by WHO and the way different programmes work together to create synergy: from obesity prevention to breastfeeding, from improving maternal health care to prevention of unintended pregnancies and access to safe abortion services.

Gunta Lazdane from the WHO/Europe Sexual and Reproductive Health programme presented the updated WHO guidance on prevention and management of unintended pregnancy, Caroline Bollars from the WHO/Europe Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity programme gave a presentation on the connection between women’s wellbeing, health and weight. Alberta Bacci presented WHO’s “Beyond the Numbers” framework which goes beyond the statistics for maternal mortality and focuses on understanding the underlying factors that lead to the deaths and severe morbidity. These are approaches which have been used in many countries to improve the quality of care and women’s health.

Many of the Congress participants visited the WHO stand in the exhibition area which featured WHO publications within the field of sexual and reproductive health, including maternal health, nutrition and beyond. The stand was a great success and the publications were much appreciated by the audience which included gynaecologists, researchers, teaching staff and policy-makers from all over the world. The most requested publications were the Reproductive Health Library CDs, Medical Eligibility Criteria (2009) and the Medical Eligibility Criteria wheel.

The ESG invited the WHO Regional Office for Europe to be part of the scientific organizing committee for the 10th Congress of the ESG which will take place in Brussels in September 2013.