WHO/Europe participates in meeting on disease prevention in the context of sexual health

On 22-23 May, the WHO/Europe programme on HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and viral hepatitis (HSV) participated in an European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) expert meeting entitled “Comprehensive Approach to Disease Prevention in the context of Sexual Health”.

Participants at the two day meeting included country experts from across ten European Union countries, representatives from various international groups and organizations, experts from the ECDC-tendered project team based in the United Kingdom as well as experts from the ECDC. 

A key discussion point concerned how the broad WHO-endorsed definition of sexual health could be integrated into the ECDC report and recommendations. The meeting:

  • reinforced WHO's commitment to European level collaboration,
  • noted the need for unified messages and recommendations on disease prevention in the context of sexual health
  • highlighted the need for greater ECDC-WHO coordination and increased WHO involvement in ECDC activities around sexually transmitted infections, including STI surveillance.

The improvement of sexual and reproductive health outcomes through the strengthening of linkages between HIV and sexual and reproductive health services is an objective of the "European Action Plan for HIV/AIDS 2012-2015".