Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development (RFPD) Academy discusses possibilities to boost improvement of maternal and child health

Rotaract Club Schwarzwald-Baar/Axel Klein

The members of Rotaract Germany, the Rotarian youth organization, recognize the role of reproductive health for peace and the key role of UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5 for the achievement of all other MDGs. Maternal and child health are or should be important topics for people of all age groups, but it is of special importance to the younger generations since they will have to face the future effects of current efforts or inaction. Supported by the Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development (RFPD) German country section, Rotaract Germany has successfully implemented a variety of projects in the area of maternal and child health. With the global start of Rotary's Future Vision Plan on 1 July, “Maternal and Child Health” will be one of six main areas of focus for all 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide. RFPD is one of Rotary's official resources for this area of focus and will actively support its implementation.

The 6th RFPD Academy, an annual event, was organized 6–8 June in Frankfurt/Main to discuss the main challenges in maternal and child health and population development globally as well as in Europe. WHO/Europe was invited to inform about the progress in achieving of MDG 5 and essential interventions required. 

Participants of the RFPD Academy meeting were surprised by the inequalities in the WHO European Region and welcomed the Health 2020 main goals in improving the governance and decreasing health inequities and expressed their readiness to join the process in improving health through the lifecourse with special focus on reproductive health, mothers and children.