New perinatal card launched in Armenia

National workshop launching the new perinatal card in Armenia was held on December 5, 2013 in Yerevan. It concluded an important stage of implementation of the project focused on improvement of antenatal and postpartum care (APPC) in Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and across the region. “Reduction of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality in countries of eastern Europe by improving primary health care and referral system” is a long-term subregional project financed by the government of the Russian Federation.

The workshop gathered national experts in primary health care (PHC) facilities from all the regions of Armenia, representatives of the Ministry of Health and international aid development partners, and gave an excellent opportunity to present newly updated perinatal card and discuss further steps of its implementation. It was facilitated by WHO expert, Dr Oleg Shvabskiy, who was involved in previous stages of this project in Armenia, starting from the assessment of the quality of outpatient APPC for women and newborns conducted in 2012 and follow-up activities in accordance with the agreement with the Ministry of Health.

Participants of the meeting agreed to start implementation of a new card from 2014. The updated perinatal card and national protocol of antenatal and postpartum care will improve the quality of PHC services for women and newborns in Armenia, accelerating progress in achieving Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5 and objectives of the European policy for health and well-being “Health 2020”.