Implementing new ways to improve maternal and child health in Transnistrian Region


Progress in implementation of a "near-miss case review" methodology in the Republic of Moldova was presented at a conference in Tiraspol on 2 April 2014. Professionals from 7 districts and municipalities of the Transnistrian Region of the country discussed the results of pilot projects conducted in Tiraspol and Bender aimed at reducing maternal mortality, morbidity and improving the quality of care.

Access to quality maternal and newborn health services has improved over the past 10 years in the Republic of Moldova; however there is room for further improvement to enhance the quality of care and  support the achievement of Millennium Development Goal targets.

Based on the findings, participants developed a detailed short-term action plan that was approved by the Head of the Central Health Authority from Tiraspol.

New methodology for individual, family and community involvement

A new methodology to improve maternal and newborn health through increased individual, family and community involvement was also launched at the conference.

Discussions focused on selecting a pilot area to start implementation, after which a detailed action plan can be developed with local government support.

These activities are part of the Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme, funded by the European Union, Swiss Development Cooperation Agency and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The health component focuses on immunizations and perinatal care implemented in close partnership with UNDP, the United Nations Children’s Fund and WHO.