In 2016, more than 160 000 people were newly diagnosed with HIV in the WHO European Region, the highest number of people ever newly diagnosed in 1 year since HIV case reporting began in the 1980s. Continuing a trend that has persisted for the last decade, the majority (nearly 80%) of people newly diagnosed were from the eastern part of the Region, 17% from the western part and 4% from the central part.

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Ukraine to finance expanded opioid substitution therapy programme

The Government of Ukraine has committed to fund and expand access to opioid substitution therapy (OST) for over 10 000 patients at 178 health-care facilities in 2018. This represents a 100 fold increase in the number of OST patients in Ukraine since 2005

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World AIDS Day 2017

Half of people with HIV in the WHO European Region are diagnosed late

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