Approximately 2.2 million were living with HIV in 2012 in the WHO European Region, and the numbers are still rising. Alarmingly, around half of those people do not know that they are infected. Despite the progress in achieving universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support across the Region over the last decade, the response to the HIV epidemic still faces many challenges. These challenges include the unknown HIV status in many individuals, late treatment initiation, low access to treatment, coinfection with tuberculosis, and coinfection with hepatitis.

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HIV/AIDS epidemic in Europe: vulnerability

Many countries in the WHO European Region have laws, regulations or policies that hinder effective HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for vulnerable populations. WHO/Europe will report on progress in implementing the European Action Plan for HIV/AIDS 2012–2015, including addressing vulnerability and access to HIV services, to the 64th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe.