Training on national capacity development on monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS programmes


A training course on monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS programmes was held 24-28 January 2011 in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. It was organized with the support of the WHO Country Office in Tajikistan with collaboration from the national HIV/AIDS Center and International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine.

The training had two aims.

  1. To give information on fundamental concepts and tools for monitoring and evaluating HIV/AIDS programmes.
  2. To promote understanding and commitment to the development and implementation of monitoring and evaluation plans at national and regional levels for better management and decision making.

The course was designed for national and sub-national level monitoring and evaluation professionals involved with the implementation of HIV/AIDS programmes. In total 20 monitoring and evaluation focal points and heads of HIV/AIDS centres across all regions of the Republic of Tajikistan had an opportunity to strengthen their knowledge, skills and abilities through various processes and activities. These processes and activities enable programmes to achieve higher performance in tasks related to attaining their specific goals and objectives.

The training covered:

  • the role of strategic information in decision making;
  • monitoring and evaluation frameworks;
  • programme monitoring, including financial monitoring;
  • information systems, routine surveillance and sentinel surveillance;
  • evaluation design;
  • developing monitoring and evaluation plans;
  • selecting, calculating and interpreting indicators and statistical data; and
  • facilitating the use of strategic information.