Universal precaution and post contact prophylaxis for HIV infection in Tajikistan

WHO/Tahmina Alimamedova

A seminar entitled “HIV/AIDS: universal precaution and post contact prophylaxis for HIV infection” was held 1-3 February 2011 in Dushanbe.

The aims of the seminar were to promote understanding of the country’s commitment on combating the spread of HIV/AIDS as well as to discuss HIV/AIDS legislation, including occupational exposure, the definition of the risk of infection, potentially hazardous biological fluid factors influencing the risk of HIV infection after occupational exposure, the transmission of HIV in health care settings and health care facilities.

Representatives, epidemiologists and health specialists from HIV/AIDS Centers across all regions of the Republic of Tajikistan had an opportunity to participate in this seminar and familiarize themselves with new recommendations for good governance monitoring and evaluation of HIV/AIDS, learning experience and improve their understanding on the importance of the universal precaution and post contact prophylaxis for HIV infection.

The seminar was organized by WHO/Europe in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Tajikistan and was facilitated by two trainers from the Republican HIV/AIDS Center.