Consultation for action plans on HIV and viral hepatitis

The joint Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis Programme of the WHO Regional Office for Europe is developing two action plans to address the HIV and viral hepatitis epidemics in the WHO European Region.

The action plans are guided by the global vision and goals of the Global Health Sector Strategies for HIV and viral hepatitis, 2016-2021 and the UNAIDS Strategy on HIV/AIDS 2016-2021. Objectives, targets and recommended areas of interventions reflect the European context and the Regional Director's and office-wide priorities, particularly Health 2020, the European policy for health and well-being.

Concept notes on the two action plans have been presented to the 23rd Standing Committee of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe (SCRC) in November 2015 in Paris. Most recently, the draft action plans were discussed with advisory committees during a regional consultation on 4-5 April 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and are being considered by the next session of the 23rd SCRC on 21-22 May 2016.

In pursuing a participatory and inclusive approach to the development of the two action plans, we are inviting contributions from a range of constituencies and key stakeholders including representatives of Member States, civil society, donor and development agencies, nongovernmental organizations, multilateral agencies, scientific and technical institutions, networks, the private sector, and leaders and experts in HIV/AIDS and related programmes.

Last date for contributing inputs: 7 June 2016