World AIDS Day in Turkmenistan


Dr Guljamal Ovezmuradova, National Professional Officer of the Tobacco Control Project, gets tested for HIV during events to mark World AIDS Day in Turkmenistan.

The WHO Country Office in Turkmenistan and the United Nations Country Team’s Health Group commemorated World AIDS Day on 1 December 2017. Together they promoted the importance of getting tested, and offered the opportunity for free and confidential testing to all United Nations employees.

World AIDS Day was an opportunity to show support for and solidarity with the millions of people living with HIV.

The joint team organized the following activities:

  • a mobile lab on the premises of the WHO Country Office to provide easy, free, fast and confidential HIV testing;
  • a red ribbon campaign and photo shoot with promotional messages; and
  • a “Get tested” dialogue with representatives of United Nations agencies and embassies in Turkmenistan.

Participants in the “Get tested” dialogue spoke at length about raising awareness of the dangers of the virus and combatting it. Representatives from the French, British and American embassies addressed many issues; they shared their own country experiences in supporting the “Get tested” initiative, innovative ways to tackle HIV, the role civil society plays in destigmatizing HIV/AIDS and the need for society to embrace regular HIV testing.