Joint WHO Regional Office for Europe/ECDC workshops on pandemic preparedness

In the aftermath of the 2009 pandemic, Member States and international organizations have performed evaluations of their response and some have started to revise their pandemic plans. To further support this work, WHO/Europe jointly with ECDC will organize four workshops on pandemic preparedness, which will include participants from all WHO European Region Member States. Three workshops in September will include participants from northern, central and southern European countries, respectively. A fourth workshop for eastern European countries is anticipated in November 2011.

The workshops will provide national experts with an overview of the work being implemented by ECDC and WHO based on the results of evaluations. It will also provide an update on Member States' priorities for future pandemic planning and identify areas where inter-country activities on pandemic preparedness can be performed. The workshops are so-called "rolling workshops", whereby the discussions and conclusions from one workshop will feed into the discussions at the subsequent workshops, resulting in a single final report. 

The workshops are a continuation of the joint pandemic preparedness activities carried out by WHO/Europe and ECDC in the past years.