New joint ECDC/WHO weekly bulletin

The final issue of the EuroFlu Bulletin in its current format was published in June and was not only the last of the season but actually the last ever as the publication is set to be replaced in the autumn by a new weekly publication, which is planned to be issued in conjunction with ECDC.

The EuroFlu Bulletin presented the data of the 50 participating Member States of the WHO European Region in a total of 180 editions over six influenza seasons since 2009. The EuroFlu Bulletin made a key contribution to the global risk assessment during the 2009 H1N1 Pandemic and more generally to the global capacity for influenza surveillance and response.

Building on a strong network

According to Programme Manager Dr Caroline Brown, the process of creating the Bulletin has helped to build a strong network of experts. As well as exchanging information and collaborating on the Bulletin, the network is also instrumental in strengthening national influenza surveillance systems.

“The EuroFlu Bulletin has very much been a team effort and I would like to thank all the country experts and staff from collaborating centres who reviewed the bulletin each week, the external experts and colleagues at ECDC who helped to build the EuroFlu network,” she explained. “Lastly it would not have been possible without our in-house editors and translators who never failed to meet the Friday deadline.”

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